#OstaniDoma je med mladimi trenutno najbolj slišan in viden tako imenovan "hešteg". V RIS Dvorcu Rakičan tudi tekom epidemije z virusom pridno delamo od doma in pripravljamo različne projekte za mlade. Zato bi sedaj radi izkoristili priložnost in vas povprašali, če ste že slišali za EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS oziroma EVROPSKO SOLIDARNOSTNO ENOTO? Ne? potem lahko najdeš nekaj informacij na naslednji povezavi:

Se sliši zanimiv? Potem nadaljuj z branjem in spoznaj našo prostovoljko iz Rusije, ki je udeleženka v prej omenjenem programu.

"My name is Aleksandra Kashkareva
I’m 18 years old,
I come from Russia, from small town Abakan in Siberia,
I’m the ESC volunteer in RIS dvorec Rakičan for 7 months."

Why did you choose to come to the project to dvorec Rakičan?

"After school I wanted to travel somewhere in summer time (2019) and I decided to come to the workcamp here for 2 weeks and it was amazing time I really liked the work, the people and Slovenia in general. At the end of the camp I was sure that I don’t want to go back and want to work here. At this moment I knew that here will be long term project for 7 months and I decided to come again."

What do you like most about your program?

"I like my program because its always something different: one time I can work on the youth exchanges, another time with children and youth. Also, I’m working in the office and organize different workshops in Murska Sobota. I will also participate in international conference. But most of all I try to learn how to keep heritage alive for next generations."

What do you do when you are not working?

"In my free time Im usually going to different events, concerts meeting new friend and spend time with them. Also, on the weekends I like to travel around Slovenia and visited beautiful places."

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

"There are so many nice moments from my life here in Slovenia. It is really hard to pick up only one. All this time spending here it’s one big amazing moment which will be always in my memory."

What would you say or what advice would you give to young people who wants to go to ESC program?

"Do it, do not miss the chance. Volunteering abroad will offer you new amazing experiences. You will meet so many new friends all around Europe and will try yourself in the interesting work. So, I can say exactly that this project is one of the best things which happened in my life!"

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