VI. International scientific conference: »CHALLENGES AND PROBLEMS OF MODERN SOCIETY«

VI. International scientific conference: »CHALLENGES AND PROBLEMS OF MODERN SOCIETY«


to the VI. International scientific conference with the title


that will be held on July 02 and July 04 2018 at RIS Mansion Rakičan,

Lendavska 28, Rakičan, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia.



You are invited to participate at the V. international scientific conference titled "CHALLENGES AND PROBLEMS OF MODERN SOCIETY", the purpose of which is to present scientific, research and professional achievements and good practice examples. You can participate with your written work (scientific or professional paper) or poster presentation (poster session). The conference will be held as an interdisciplinary event where Slovenian as well as foreign experts and scientists will present their written contributions.

The international scientific conference addresses professional public, particularly the fields of education, social care, police work, justice, non-governmental organizations, as well as other interested fields, whereby the main objective is to significantly contribute to existing modern work methods and work forms in the above-mentioned areas.

The conference will bring together Slovenian and foreign experts. Official languages of the conference will be Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, German and English language. Professional papers and summaries of posters will be published in a professional e-bulletin. During the conference, scientific contributions from the scientific monograph will also be presented.


Themes of the conference are:

- FAMILY (developmental tasks and family’s needs, learning about family, family budget, partnership, legislation - new family law, technical assistance, family breakdown, parenting and respect for childhood ...).

- VIOLENCE (bullying, violence against teachers and employees in the field of social care, detection and prevention of domestic violence, learning to resolve conflicts without violence, non-violent communication and anger management ...).

MODERN ADDICTIONS OF MODERN LIFESTYLES (gambling, internet and television addiction, eating disorders, oniomania (shopping addiction), sex addiction and substance abuse).

- CARE AND EDUCATION (inclusion, mediation in school, security elements, work with children with special needs as well as gifted children, co-development of learning methods, a vision of school where each student is progressing, co-creation of learning methods, the respect of childhood, co-creation of a support system in schools. ... ).

CAPACITY BUILDING (transfer of good practice examples, motivation, professional approach, professional development, lifelong learning, intergenerational collaboration, co-creation of new knowledge and practices. …).


Registration will be open until June 04, 2018. Those who wish to actively participate in the conference must fill out the registration form (located on the bottom of the page). We also kindly ask you to list the appropriated thematic unit for your written work or poster session.


Instructions for preparation:

- Scientific work: from 8 up to 16 pages including all required components: abstract and key words (max. of 250 words all together), introduction, work methods (subchapters, participants, accessories or instruments and procedure), results, discussion and bibliography. Font: Times new Roman; font size 12 pt (exception: tables where the font size is 10 pt), interval 1,2 pt. Scientific contributions can also be theoretical contributions where the content examines and critically analyzes certain models or theories in much in detail. Detailed instructions for preparation are available HERE

- Professional paper: up to 8 pages (Times New Roman, font size 12, the interval between the lines must be 1,15). For the preparation of the professional paper no precise methodology is required. For detailed instructions please contact us under the following address:

- Poster session: paper dimensions: A0 (84,1 x 118 cm), font: Times New Roman or Arial; title: max. 10 – 12 words, font size: 100; font size of the text: 20 to 24; the interval between the lines must be 1,15. For detailed instructions please contact us under the following address:

The authors are responsible for language adequacy of their written works. They are also responsible for the technical and scientific adequacy and suitability of written works. Each paper or poster must include author’s postal address and e-mail address as well as their phone number.


Instruction for submission of the contributions:

- Scientific contribution: Your entire scientific work must be delivered to us via email until June 04, 2018.  The entire article must be written in English language. Within 10 days you will receive feedback from our scientific committee if your contribution has met the necessary criteria in order to be classified as a scientific contribution. In case of deficiencies, you will get the opportunity to improve your article. The deadline for resubmitting is June 26, 2018.

Professional paper: Please send us an abstract of your professional paper or poster presentation including the title of the topic (in Slovenian and English language) including key words. All listed elements must not extent the maximum amount of 250 words and should be forwarded to our e-mail address: until June 04, 2018. Your entire professional paper must be delivered to us via email until June 26, 2018. 

- Poster sessions: The poster for the poster session must be delivered to us at least 30 minutes before the begging of the programme on the day of the conference.  


The programme of the international scientific conference is available HERE. If you had any further requests regarding the scheduled time of your presentation, it was possible to send us your wishes or comments to the following email: until June 12, 2017. Requests received after June 13, 2018 will not be taken into consideration. Thank you for understanding.

Registration fee for participation with a written contribution:

159,00 EUR (22 % VAT not included)

Price of the registration fee for participation with a written contribution includes:

Attendance and active participation at the conference, publication in the bulletin, professional materials in electronic form, drinks and snacks during breaks and other activities in the framework of the conference.

Registration fee for participation without a written contribution:

98,00 EUR (22 % VAT not included)

Price of the registration fee for participation includes:

Participation at the conference, professional materials in electronic form, drinks and snacks during breaks and other activities in the framework of the conference.

Price reduction:

- In the case of two or more participants from the same organization where the same organization is the payer, we offer 15% discount on the total amount

- When an individual participant has several different written contributions, the fee for each contribution has to be paid, but there is 15% discount on the total amount.

- In the case of co-authorship, the fee for participation with a written contribution has to be paid in full by the first author; each following author pays the registration fee for participation without a written contribution.

Payment method:

The requested amount must be paid no later than 7 days before the beginning of the conference; please transfer the amount to our bank account - RIS Mansion Rakičan, at the PPA Murska Sobota. Account No.: SI56 01280-6000001097, BIC: BSLJSI2X


We offer you the possibility of accommodation in single, double and triple rooms. For reservations, please call tel. No.: +386 (0)2 535 18 96 or write us an e-mail to:

Food offer:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on pre-order


We will gladly provide you with any additional information regarding the conference and registration. You can reach us:

- by phone: +386 (0)2 535 18 96 or

- by e-mail:


Non-presenters are kindly asked to register for the conference and send us an email with contact information (name, address, organization and phone number) to the following email address:, as the online application form is intended only for the participants.


You are kindly invited!


Director of RIS Mansion Rakičan

PhD Robert Celec



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