V RIS Dvorcu Rakičan pridno delamo in pripravljamo različne projekte za mlade. Zato bi sedaj radi izkoristili priložnost in vas povprašali, če ste že slišali za EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS oziroma EVROPSKO SOLIDARNOSTNO ENOTO? Ne? potem lahko najdeš nekaj informacij na naslednji povezavi:

Se sliši zanimiv? Potem nadaljuj z branjem in spoznaj našega prostovoljca iz Italije, ki je udeleženec v prej omenjenem programu.

"My name is Luigi Fiorillo
I’m 22 years old,
I come from Italy, from a small town of Pignataro Maggiore near Naples,
I’m the ESC volunteer in RIS Dvorec Rakičan for 7 months."

Why did you choose to come to the project to Dvorec Rakičan?

I am an architecture student; I had just finished the second year when I decided to take a year off to delve into other interests and travel. A volunteer project offers many advantages and the opportunity to gain a lot of experience. I chose Slovenia and dvorec Rakičan because I liked the program they offered and the place seemed very interesting. It took me some time to prepare and then I came to the mansion!

What do you like most about your program?

The program is varied and offers many creative possibilities, I really enjoyed working in the Youth Exchanges at the beginning, I met a lot of guys from all over Europe and I had the feeling of mentally, and not just physically, leaving the Italian borders. From there a huge curiosity for other nations and other cultures came out. I also like that they are offering me "open space" chose of my work, cause the heritage is a wide topic. But mainly I am working with online and ICT promotion of heritage. I also had an opportunity to be part of two international conferences.

What do you do when you are not working?

As I said at the beginning, an important goal for this experience was to travel, and this goal was not only mine, so I often found myself, on the weekends, taking a train or a and doing some adventure with other volunteers in Slovenia. Of course, I also walked and enjoyed nature around the mansion, which offers different landscapes and sensations from what Im used to.

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

Actually, I have so many things to tell that I dont know where to start. It is very funny when I tell my friends in Italy some stories from Slovenia; I could talk about it for hours, at least until they decide to silence me, because everything has been new and worthy of being told. In any case, it will be difficult to forget the 4-5 days meetings with the other volunteers managed by Movit, in splendid Slovenian locations.

What would you say or what advice would you give to young
people who wants to go to ESC program?

Taking part in a volunteering project is not a decision everyone would take. It is a bit strange to say but it is so. If, on the other hand, you have made the decision to leave or you are thinking about it, you are probably already the ideal person to do it, simply because you want or would like to do it. For the rest you can try to be as open as possible, get to know as much as possible and live this adventure as much as possible.

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