Pogovor s prostovoljko Aleksandro

Danes smo se pogovarjali z našo prostovoljko iz Rusije, ki nam je zaupala kakšno je njeno življenje po udeležbi v programu Evropska Solidarnostna Enota. #EuropeanSolidarityCorps
Pogovor zvAleksandra Kashkareva objavljamo v angleškem jeziku, saj je bil to njen uradni jezik tekom aktivnosti z naslovom "Dediščina je večna".
1. How are you now? How is life now after your ESC project?
Well, it was pretty hard to leave from Slovenia and come back home after 8 amazing months of my ESC. But life goes on and I started a new chapter in my life. So now I’m good.
2. As we heard you moved to another town and started university. How is the university and what field of study did you choose?
Yes, I started university and I’m studying tourism now. My university is located in Crimea, city Yalta. It was psychologically difficult to move again because I spend less than one month at home and I needed to go to absolutely new place for me but I’m glad to start studying again. Unfortunately, the level of education in my university isn’t that good as I expected so I’m thinking to change university in next semester if I’ll have a chance.
3. How is the situation with Covid-19 in Russia?
It’s really bad like in the whole world, I think. We have more infected people than in the 1st wave. But our government doesn’t make any strict rules. We just have to wear masks and most of the students are studying online.
4. Are you still trying to be active as you were in Slovenia?
Yes of course! Being active is my way of life. Sadly, in this corona time and in my university in general there are no many events for students. Also, I’m still trying to be active (sport) I started to visit a dance studio in my university. But I miss biking a lot. Here there are no so many options for it. Yalta is mountain city with a lot of hills and stairs. This is something what is miss from Prekmurje.
5. What does solidarity mean to you now after ESC project?
Solidarity is really important for me now. I got a lot of information about discrimination, and minorities during my project. So, I want to help people and be in solidarity with everyone who is going through tough times and needs a support.
6. What would you recommend someone who is still not sure about ESC project?
ESC project is amazing opportunity for young people who want to try something new because on ESC you can do a lot of different things which you never did before. For example, I was teaching kids English, leading my solo concert and writing Erasmus + projects for the first time in my life and its amazing experience which will change you in the good way and leave unforgettable memories.
7. If you want to add anything?
I’m very grateful for everyone who I met during this project. I promise I’ll try to come back to visit you as soon as possible. And especially for everyone in the team of RIS: I love you all and miss you very much!
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